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My Story

Carl Seidl is a native of Muskegon, Michigan. He learned to write with a cartridge style fountain pen in school during the late 1950s and 60s.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps in the late 1960s. Upon his discharge he became a police officer in Washington, DC. Working the streets as a police officer was not conducive to using a fountain pen, but he never forgot his early fountain pen experience.
Years later, while working as security in one of Washington’s luxury hotels, he was given a Diplomat pen set by visiting royalty from a Middle Eastern Country. This was the start of pen collecting for him.

Carl Seidl has long appreciated fine writing pens. Most recently, he has been combining his love of unique ink pens and woodworking by fashioning pens from a wide variety of wood, acrylics, and other materials. He has been commissioned by the gift shop in Historic St. Mary’s City, Maryland to make pens out of antique tobacco sticks indigenous to the Maryland region.

He bought a small lathe and other tools that he used to make ink pens using wood and acrylics. He used parts from unrepairable vintage pens and created functioning ballpoint pens.   He now buys, sells and repairs vintage pens and modern ink pens and parts.